Better execution. Better relationships.

WorkingGroupLink is an enterprise web and mobile application for investment banks.
We help bankers serve their clients and do their jobs more effectively; a lot more effectively.

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Good for you. Good for your team. Good for your client.

Work Smarter

Work Smarter

Execute your deal more quickly and efficiently, and with fewer headaches. Maximize the amount of time that you and your team spend on value added work.

Communicate More Accurately

Communicate More Accurately

WorkingGroupLink's email and phone integrations will ensure that you and your team get the right information to the right people, right away, every time. Minimize or eliminate unintentional MNPI disclosures.

Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Send a clear signal to clients that you are investing in service and execution. And make yourself the first call: Get your contact details off a pdf, and onto their device.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

A word processed document as a collaboration tool? Great idea…in 1992. It’s time for an upgrade.

Leverage Existing Applications and Data

Leverage Existing Applications and Data

WorkingGroupLink integrates seamlessly with all major email and CRM applications, and our library of private APIs can connect with proprietary deal management and reporting tools. Increase the ROI on your software investments with no disruption to existing workflows.

Happy Clients + Efficient Bankers = More Mandates

  • Secure

    Our security is enterprise grade. No offense, but it is almost certainly superior to what you are doing now.

  • Integrated

    Everything you need on your browser or device. One click integration with email and CRM.

  • Easy

    WorkingGroupLink is software-as-a-service. Deployment is quick, and we do all the work.

  • Bespoke

    Custom branding, formatting and integrations increase your client mindshare.

  • Commercial

    Purpose built to improve the banker and client experience. Convert competitive accounts to “house” accounts.

  • Resonant

    Good junior bankers are hard to find, and really hard to replace. And they hate the conventional approach to working group lists. (Trust us, or ask them).

Start Working Smarter

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