We've been there. WorkingGroupLink's founders, investors and advisors have collectively lived through hundreds of deals and cases, from corporate finance to litigation to consulting and corporate development. We started the company and developed WorkingGroupLink's software based on our experiences at the bottom, middle and top of those food chains.

As senior bankers, lawyers and consultants we overdelivered to our clients and outworked our competitors. Client communications had to be timely and accurate, without fail. And in a business whose assets went home at the end of every day, we did everything possible to retain, motivate and leverage our best people. So we chafed at the amount of time it took our people to create working group lists, and cringed when critical information didn’t get to the right people.

As midlevel professionals responsible for execution, we really wanted, but never got, a good system for creating and using distribution lists. We also got used to printing out and stuffing working group lists into our laptop bags prior to leaving the office for business travel, and prayed we never left one in a hotel room, airplane seatback, or conference room of another client.

As junior professionals, we suffered through the daily grind of maintaining and distributing working group lists, trying - and failing - to make them more useful and accessible. We struggled to make sure our working group lists were current, reflecting the ever-shifting mix of professionals from up to a dozen organizations involved in our projects. We spent way too many hours cross referencing the "To:" line of group emails and meeting planners with working group lists, making sure we were including everyone we were supposed to include, and no one else (i.e. no career limiting emails courtesy of autocomplete).

And as corporate development professionals managing large collaborations and travelling frequently, we wondered for years why the contact lists for various projects couldn't just be online somewhere. Our frustration with paper or emailed copies escalated in recent years with the advent of sophisticated and reliable mobile technology.

Our focus on customers is relentless. It informs every decision we make, is the key to our rapid growth, and is quickly making WorkingGroupLink the global industry standard for contact and client management.

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